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Just Truth Intelligent Factory- the first fully automatic wood product customization intelligent factory in china

Labelling, edge sealing and packaging will automatically receive modeling, optimization and production scheduling data from the front platform of Just Truth. With the independently researched and developed MES system and equipment software upgrading, automatic equipment and process flow for intelligent dispatching of material preparation, board cutting, stereoscopic sorting, warehouse releasing and others can be supported to realize full-customized flexible production and complete accurate identification, positioning, identification, processing, transmission, cache and group package. No human intervention will be required throughout the production process.

Through the construction of the three-level network system composed of the industrial bus network, LAN of the plant and the internet, realize safe communication with the front end, thus realizing the industry 4.0 cloud factory architecture.

The new year is coming and the mission is achieved ----the achievements of the Queens Peak project i
At this moment of ring out the old year, the high-end private residential project (2 buildings of 44 storeys , 736 units in total) in Queens Peak , which is under construction in the third block (the central block) of Singapore. In November and December of 2019, this project haspassed theinspection from Singapore government quality with a high score, which means that our high-quality construction standards have been fully recognized by the Singapore government.   It has laid a solid foundation for the follow up test on completion and the sound development of Pearl river.Over the past year, the Pearl River project has achieved steady progress and improved quality, but we should be content and unsatisfied, and always maintain a high spirit of determination with a true and down-to-earth attitude. No matter how the external environment changes, the Pearl River engineer will adhere to the industry, adhere to the main business, and always strive and pursuit of hard work, and continue to chasing a higher goals.  I hope that everyone of us will maintain a clear and accurate determination and orientation, lead with a modest and pragmatic spirit as a strategy, a deep corporate culture in mind, support with quality and conscience, and improve themselves through continuous learning, dare to innovate and take the initiative to think change and make a change. For a common cause, we will move forward together in a posture with our consciousness from heart.Herein, let us give the best expectation that Pearl River in Singapore will be better, year by year.
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