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Just Truth Intelligent Factory- the first fully automatic wood product customization intelligent factory in china

Labelling, edge sealing and packaging will automatically receive modeling, optimization and production scheduling data from the front platform of Just Truth. With the independently researched and developed MES system and equipment software upgrading, automatic equipment and process flow for intelligent dispatching of material preparation, board cutting, stereoscopic sorting, warehouse releasing and others can be supported to realize full-customized flexible production and complete accurate identification, positioning, identification, processing, transmission, cache and group package. No human intervention will be required throughout the production process.

Through the construction of the three-level network system composed of the industrial bus network, LAN of the plant and the internet, realize safe communication with the front end, thus realizing the industry 4.0 cloud factory architecture.

Pieces of love, innumerable love,Tianjin Just Truth Advanced Material has donated masks, repay the s
At the beginning of the outbreak of COVID-19, when supplies were in urgent need, with the strong support of Tianjin's governments at all levels, Tianjin Just Truth Advanced Material Technology co,ltd. were transferred from furniture customized intelligent production to mask production, undertake the social responsibility of the enterprise. With the steady increase of the output of masks, all enterprises and public institutions have returned to work and resume production one after another. Tianjin Just Truth Advanced Material Technology co,ltd. not forgotten its original intention, bearing in mind the assistance of the government and all walks of life, in order to repay the society, recently, the donation plan of "pieces of love, innumerable love" was launched, which interpreted the responsibility and patriotism of the enterprise with actions.Until April 20, 2020, Tianjin Just Truth Advanced Material Technology co,ltd. has donated more than 100000 masks to several COVID-19 prevention and control front line units, schools, charities in Tianjin and overseas partners .Tianjin Just Truth Advanced Material has donated masks to the management committee of Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone, in order to thank for the strong support in the process of transfer production of masks.                             Tianjin Just Truth Advanced Material has donated masks to the Tianjin Dagang fire department secret service team, to support the needs of masks of COVID-19 prevention and control front line units     General manager Xiao Jianjun has representative Tianjin Just Truth Advanced Material donated masks to Tianjin Binhu Middle School to help the school reopen.In the beginning out COVID-19 outbreak in Italy,Tianjin Just Truth Advanced Material has donated masks to our design partner - Italian tender design office, to show the international friendship.   Now, the domestic situation of COVID-19 has become stable, but the COVID-19 prevention and control will tend to be normalized. Tianjin Just Truth Advanced Material Technology co,ltd. will take mask production as one of its main business in the future, and continue to provide material supply to guarantee for COVID-19 prevention and control.
The Just Truth mask factory was set up quickly, with a daily production capacity of 200,000!
Since the outbreak of the new coronavirus, masks have been particularly scarce as materials for epidemic prevention and control. With the epidemic prevention and control and enterprise resumption of production being in a critical moment, there's a demand surged for surgical masks , far exceeding market supply capacity.  With the shortage of masks, Justtruth Group responded to the call and urgently planned to build a mask factory, which will be officially put into operation on March 7, 2020. It is expected that the daily production capacity will reach 200,000. Start the smart factories to fight against the epidemicIn the current situation of epidemic ,a shortage of materials,in order to take social responsibility and fight the epidemic, Justtruth has response the call from government. With the strong support of leaders at all levels in Tianjin Government and Binhai New Area, and TEDA Economic and Technological Development Zone, Just Truth has been relying on accumulation of  experience and technology , cluster strengths and wisdom of all parties rapidly,and started the construction of a mask factory. On February 13, 2020, the battle of "smart" and "epidemic" was officially started.The speed of Justtruth,built sterile dust-free purification factory in one weekThe task of producing masks is taken by its subsidiary, Tianjin Justtruth advanced Material Technology Co., Ltd (QUALEA).The production base is located in Tianjin Binhai New District. It is the only company in China that owns a fully automated intelligent production line for wood processing. With the lead of the senior leadership of Justtruth Advanced materials, transfer the main management and technical backbone members. The parties cooperate highly closely. From the plant renovation, material transportation to installation and testing, the construction of the sterile dust-free purification factory has been completed in one week which meet 100,000 class purification workshop requirements and GMP certification standards.On February 22, Zheng Weiming, secretary of the Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone, and his party came to inspect and paid great attention to quickly switched to the mask production  under the condition of shortage of national epidemic prevention materials.On March 7, the mask factory was formally put into operation, with a daily production capacity of 200,000, which will help enterprises resume work and production.To fight the epidemic against the clock.At now, the new material mask production workshop is in the final debugging stage and will be officially put into production on March 7. The daily production capacity is expected to reach 200,000.  The Justtruth mask production uses medical-grade materials and perform the highest standards in this industry.The Justtruth mask production uses medical-grade materials and perform the highest standards in this industry. ★ single use surgical mask met standard YY0469-2011。 ★single use surgical mask met standard GB19083-2010。 ★single use protective mask met standard GB2626-2006。  The main supply direction of masksDuring the special epidemic period, medical protection supplies were in a shortage.  Masks belonged to strategic supplies, mainly based on government supplies, to meet the needs of hospitals, buses, subways, taxis, banks and other department at the front line of the battle, and internal needs.  We also supply masks to our suppliers, customers, partners and others who in is in need of masks.serve the society, fight against COVID-19 toghter, overcome the diffcult time toghter    SALES HOTLINE                   022-59723608    13911301801(Mr.Li)       
The cooperation of Tianjing University of Science and Technology with Tianjing Just Truth Advanced M
Tianjing Just Truth Advanced Material Technology has always taking technological innovation as a boost for enterprise development. In order to introduce advanced knowledge and professional talents, Tianjing Just Truth has cooperated with universities to combine production and academic research since 2012 On November 22, 2019, under the leadership of Light Industry College of Tianjing University of Science and Technology, Director Zhu, more than 60 teachers and students of the Tianjin University of Science and Technology visited the production line of the Just Truth Intelligent Factory. The technical principal of Just Truth explained the operation of the Just Truth intelligent production control system and production process to the teachers and students. All teachers and students were shocked by the existence of such a modern and intelligent factory in Tianjin Binhai New Area and showed strong interest.After the visit, Mr. Xiao Jianjun the general manager of Tianjing Just Truth Advanced Material technology had academic exchanges with teachers and students, and shared the current status  of intelligent manufacturing and the importance of scientific and technological innovation for  people's life nowadays and the prosperity of the country and the social development. He gave the hope that everyone of us after graduate can help China's intelligent manufacturing step onto the international stage in the future. The scene resonated with everyone.In order to promote further cooperation and exchanges between the two parties, Tianjing Just Truth sincerely invited Ma Xiaojun and another teacher, to be the company's technical consultants. We believe that the cooperation between enterprises and schools will be a dual-engine to promote the development of social science and technology innovation.
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