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Just Truth Intelligent Factory- the first fully automatic wood product customization intelligent factory in china

Labelling, edge sealing and packaging will automatically receive modeling, optimization and production scheduling data from the front platform of Just Truth. With the independently researched and developed MES system and equipment software upgrading, automatic equipment and process flow for intelligent dispatching of material preparation, board cutting, stereoscopic sorting, warehouse releasing and others can be supported to realize full-customized flexible production and complete accurate identification, positioning, identification, processing, transmission, cache and group package. No human intervention will be required throughout the production process.

Through the construction of the three-level network system composed of the industrial bus network, LAN of the plant and the internet, realize safe communication with the front end, thus realizing the industry 4.0 cloud factory architecture.

A newcomer to intelligent furniture industry, Goodstyle is committedto beanother MIUI in custom furn
Right after online, Goodstyle has been reported by scores of medium, such as Sina, Netwase, Sohu, Tentent,etc, and Wechat official accounts, as well as drawn attention, praised and spontaneously forwarded by many industry insiders.        Sincerely thanks for your attention and take this opportunity to announce another good news. All brand new Goodstyle products go on sale online!   Focusing on 0:00 on November 7th, 2017, provide great discount and  get gifts for free all the time.Highlight 1Furniture designed by international master shall go on sale in Italy on the same day.Highlight 2Make all brand-new products world debut.Highlight 3More than twenty types of products with more than forty colors, reach up to thousands of combinations.Highlight 47th, November 0:00-9th, November 24:00,grab the quota and get luxury gift for free!10th,November0:00-12th,November24:00,20% discount snap up on limited time         Highlight 5Get great discount to improve life quality and create new life!                You deserve something better on the day of 11th November! Please spread this good news!          Acknowledgement of the reports abstracted from “Sina Furniture”         Tian Xuming said “More and more brandsare claimed to be ‘internet plus’, whereas, it is extremely difficult to realize custom furniture online. It is not hard to find that many so called ‘online custom’ is the combination of ‘placing orders on line +buy in store ’ actually. Online buying is just a channel to draw the customer flow, but not a real ‘online custom’ by its nature. Therefore, we (Goodstyle) desire to break the industry bottleneck, and product ‘online custom furniture’ with high quality and price/performance ratio, what you see is what you get.Customer can enjoy quality life without going outside”        All the series of Goodstyle products are designed by many core designers of Italy Tender. Design studio. Custom property, combination of functional components, color assortment, etc. are all under strict review and approval by furniture designer and process engineer at home and abroad as so to ensure custom range of each product is within safety coefficient which shall guarantee one-to-one customization for customers.        Please search “A newcomer to intelligent furniture industry, Goodstyle is committed to be another MIUI in custom furniture field.” for more details.          Each Goodstyle product is originated from Italy
Triumphant news came in quick succession
It’s been a month since the internal testing of the first launched Goodstyle products on July 26. Ranging from development of users, guidance of website, customizing and ordering, production by millwork factory, delivery and installation, all the staff members devote 120% energy and enthusiasm, only to obtain recognition of our users which values over everything else.   I must say I admire cohesion of a group of people for working to build a career with heart and soul because it is unable to be estimated in the future.  Furthermore, I am proud to be one of them, and to be one of Goodstyle member. Appreciate everything is progressing and we are growing to be the best “us”. Feedbacks from each user propel us forward. Every praise affords us great satisfaction and every suggestion goes deeply to heart.  Rendering feedback from User More Rendering feedback from user are updating.  At present froth products blow outDecline brand is gaining momentumUnder the situation of increasing phase-out ratioNew emerging product is to be on thin ice.  The truth is every successful brand is developed step by step.Rome was not built in a day.Goodstyle has been with the steadfastness and sureness.  Upon two years’ preparation, Goodstyle would rather come into the market in the best status. We expect long lasting expansion of Goodstyle products and appreciate every participant.   Careful feedback of each user propels us forwardEach product launched is in line with temperament of Goodstyle. Every effort made by Goodstyle is worthy of the calling“Everyone deserves a graceful home” Reject temporary thrivingDo it best.                                    
Follow Italian Designers in Line with Design of Fashion Capital
 From June 17th to 22rd, 2017, Mr. Roberto Danesi、Mr. Sergio Lion as core designers from Italian design team and CEO from ORA office arrived in Beijing again, to further discuss the upcoming Good Style products, millwork factory, production line, technology, website, and scheme optimization, which was another millstone progress to Good Style. Follow Italian Designers in Line with Design of Fashion Capital       On the second day after arriving in Beijing, Good Style team, divided in two groups, went to the millwork factory located in Tianjin, on the purpose to experience the production line, evaluate the sample so as to further investigate and discuss optimum proposal.     Originated in Italy, the world fashion capital, its sense of fashion and sense of artistic quality are what people desire and pursue. In process of working with designers, it is not difficult to notice their unconventional degree of concentration to each product, and high level of detailed design and process production. We could not help feeling: there will be no glory in Italy today, without “hypercritic”from the beginning. Whatever happens, happens for a reason.     It is precisely because the ultimate pursuit of quality guarantee by designers, Good Style always adheres to quality, but not quantity. More than 11 versions of Loxiya、Ponta、Lacci Ca series products were rejected, which was simply because a high quality handle was more suitable and needed. Sample of products was adjusted no less than four times which was only on account of some hard texture     We have to say each modification is our progress and improvement. Roman furniture CEO Fabio whose enterprise has more than 80 years history, said “I really admire your team who have taken the risks that ordinary people want to try, but not.You will make it, I have faith in you! ”The combination design across countries shows specialist exotic sense.     Ten-hour journey, six-hour time difference, sprawling across Asia and Europe, even travelling far away across the sea, each visiting between China and Italy seems “high-level meeting” as internationalized Good Style , mutual expression of inspiration and collision of ideas are absolutely necessary.     The meeting lasted almost five days which were held in Tianjin and Beijing. Problems and comments of samples were identified and solved, and variable rules were finalized. In the meantime, adjustment and further direction of  Loxiya、Ponta、Lacci Ca series products were defined and products of next stage and design idea and planning of website were confirmed in the meeting.     We only wish: each user could select their dreamed design and buy the matching furnitureon Good Style website.                      
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