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Just Truth Intelligent Factory- the first fully automatic wood product customization intelligent factory in china

Labelling, edge sealing and packaging will automatically receive modeling, optimization and production scheduling data from the front platform of Just Truth. With the independently researched and developed MES system and equipment software upgrading, automatic equipment and process flow for intelligent dispatching of material preparation, board cutting, stereoscopic sorting, warehouse releasing and others can be supported to realize full-customized flexible production and complete accurate identification, positioning, identification, processing, transmission, cache and group package. No human intervention will be required throughout the production process.

Through the construction of the three-level network system composed of the industrial bus network, LAN of the plant and the internet, realize safe communication with the front end, thus realizing the industry 4.0 cloud factory architecture.

Sky Villa project in Phnom Penh-the bright pearl of Phnom Penh
Cambodia was well placed geographically that plays a trading hub role in Association of Southeast Asian Nations. One belt one road(21st Century Maritime silk Road) takes China as its axis and runs through Eurasia. The completion of the Pan-Asian High-speed Railway will connect Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Kunming, Vietnam and other places, and attract foreign investments from all over the world to rush in.  Phnom Penh as the capital of Cambodia located at the center of the Pan-Asian Railway and the ASEAN Metropolis. Phnom Penh will keep its pace with international and shine as Global Metropolis does.SLY VILLA is well located at the intersection ofSihanouk Avenueon the southeast side of the Olympic Sports Plaza and Road 163, with convenient transportation in Phnom Penh. With the Olympic Stadium as the center and surrounding financial institutions such as Bank of China, Malaysian Public Bank, and Canadia bank, it has gradually formed an important urban business center in Phnom Penh, with projects such as Olympia City invested by the largest Canadian and Chinese group.The  "SKY VILLA" project, which contains a forest, is composed of two 35-storey and one 15-storey residential buildings with vertical garden. Each house will have a sky garden (deep balcony), of which one planted  a 7-meter-high tree, there will be about 300 trees in the future, which will rise around the building, like a three-dimensional forest that can breathe in Phnom Penh.The design team is Mr. Li Zuyuan (C. Y. LEE), a world-class high-rise building master who once planned and designed the Taipei 101 project.  In addition, the owner "Crystal Orange Construction" has spent a lot of money to bring in  partners with cooperation for years, including "LEE Design", "CMA Lighting Design", "AJI International Property," and other teams.SKY VILLA, as the highest-level luxury residential project in Phnom Penh, not only in an advantage of unique vision  at the height itself, but also a pioneer who created an unique space on the top floor of the building that matches the unique vision. The public area contains Louvre seasonal heated pool,  Leadership conference room, Kate-art lobby, The Versailles Sky Garden, Sky Art Gallery, Sunshine Fitness Center and other facilities are concentrated on the commanding heights of the project and will become a dazzling pearl of Phnom Penh skyline in the future.On August 23, 2019, SKY VILLA was released to the public. The four model rooms that were further designed and completed by our company were officially opened to the public, and were well received by all parties. Among them, the soft design solution was completed by our design team and well matches the orientation of the entireproject.At now, the Sky Villa project is a landmark project in Cambodia and the top-grade project in Phnom Penh. Its target market is the political and commercial celebrity gathering area. Our company adheres the concept of “The Best Quality, the Ideal Destination”, and use BIM to train local workers to carry out construction thatimprovedconstruction efficiency, optimized construction links, and ensured construction quality.The first units of this project will be formally delivered to the owners on March 10, 2020, and a real review will be welcomed.                     
Rebirth in CCTV's New Site Construction Project
On August 15, 2019, the cultural center for CCTV's New Site Construction Project passed the acceptance inspection by relevant parties. Our ability of construction organization and quality management shown in this project has gained thumbs-up from the owner.With an overall floorage of 10,3658㎡, the cultural center consists of a five-star hotel (main building) and TV culture center (skirt building), with 30 floors above ground and three ones underground.The project kicked off in March 2005, and its main structure passed the acceptance inspection in February 2008. After the commencement of the reconstruction project in October 2010, completion acceptance for project quality was completed on March 16, 2017. After that, fire protection and quality problems were rectified. The Company is mainly responsible for the construction of the guest rooms on Floors 6-10 and 21-25 of he main building.So far, we have completed engineering design drawings and the tasks stipulated in the contract. Construction quality is in line with the related drawings and acceptance specifications. The engineering records and completion materials have been promptly prepared and completely collected as required, free of any falsification. All the incoming materials have passed the examination and inspection, and the quality supporting documents are complete. Also, all the acceptance records are signed and completed, and passed the acceptance inspection. The project quality acceptance procedures and organization meet the requirements of the Unified Standard for Constructional Quality Acceptance of Building. The acceptance conclusions are in compliance with the requirements of various professional standards. The unit project quality meets the design and specification requirements, and the conditions for project completion acceptance have been secured. Through 14 years of unremitting efforts since commencement of the center’s construction, the completion acceptance has been around the corner, which is the common aspiration of all the participants. Next, we will complete finishing touches well after the final acceptance, so as to present a boutique to the owner.              
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